The world is changing rapidly. Many people worry about where the world is going. Politics, pollution, busy lifestyles and a constant feeling of mental and physical overload etc. have an important impact on our quality of life. The consumer’s focus is shifting. ‘Me time’ is important, the consumer is in a constant pursuit of personal wellness and well-being, health and feeling good about themselves, trying to slow down and simplify things. Scandinavian approaches such as the Danish Hygge and Swedish Lagom to help find more balance and happiness in life are growing trends.


When it comes to cosmetics well-being and being in harmony with yourself are the basis for feeling beautiful. Beauty is a profoundly emotional topic. Cosmetic products that provide us with a holistic well-being experience (look, scent, texture, skin feel) give us a feeling of comfort and being good to ourselves. That could be substantiated by marketing stories and claims.

Skin Health

For our skin well-being and feeling comfortable is by far more complicated and only possible if the skin is healthy. So if you want to develop cosmetic products that provide the consumer with more than just a marketing story and a short feeling of well-being while applying the product, you have to improve overall skin health. To achieve healthy skin and to maintain it healthy highly effective and goal-oriented ingredients substantiated by science and studies are needed. That’s the way to make your products smart, relevant and sustainable.

The four cornerstones of healthy skin are:

Moisture me

Optimal moisturization is essential for skin in maintaining its functionality and youthful appearance. Support skin in controlling its hydration level.


Feed me

The health of skin depends on a delicate balance between biological processes. To ensure that all these processes work in harmony, support skin with highly effective beneficial nutrition.


Balance me

Skin is challenged by a variety of external stress factors, leading to e.g. sensitive skin, inflammation and uneven pigmentation. Support skin with targeted solutions to regain stress-free and more resilient skin.


Protect me

To perform its job as an effective, lasting physical barrier, skin needs support in maintaining its quality and its skin-protective functions. Help skin to effectively help itself.